Saturday, October 3, 2009

Burning issue: Demolition of Jain temples

Jain temples are representatives of our culture and tradition. Large number of old Jain temples are demolished and  reconstructed nowadays in the name of Jain architecture. many so called Jain  Acharya and monks / nuns are being instrumental in demolishing old Jain temples in the name of Jirnoddhar.

Some instances:
1. An old Jain temple in Patna city was demolished few years back for reconstruction. a famous jain Acharya was behind this.
2. An old jain temple is demolished recently for new construction in Kota. A member of Shwetambar Jain community, Kota has reported that a renowned Jain Sadhwi  is instrumental to this demolition.
3. Famous Jain pilgrimage center Jeerawala Parshwanath temple was demolished 5-6 years back and reconstructed with expenditures of crores of rupees.
4. An old Jain temple in Mundra, Kutchchh is also demolished and under process of reconstruction. It is reported that a Jain monk is working behind the scene.

There are many other examples of demolishing old Jain temples. Many of us believe that this is destroying our own rich culture and tradition.

Should we be silent?

जैन धर्म की मूल भावना भाग 1
जैन धर्म की मूल भावना भाग 2
जैन धर्म की मूल भावना भाग 3
जिन मंदिर एवं वास्तु


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Anonymous said...

I do not know why are they demolishing Jain temples in the name of Jirnoddhar?

Are they really Jain Acharya and Monks or so called only?

Entire Jain community has to think!