Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jainism and Environment Part 2

Pond in Kolkata Dadabadi

Jain Dadabadis
are true protectors of Environment. In fact, they are botanical gardens along with a temple of Dadagurudev.

Badi means garden that is derived from Sanskrit word Vatika. Since medieval age Dadabadis are built far from cities and towns. There are hundreds of trees in most of the Dadabadis. There are flower plants, fruit trees and decorative trees and plants in Dadabadis. Dadabadis also grow medicinal trees.

People use to come in Dadabadis for Darshan and Puja. Dadabadis are traditionally social and religious meeting places. Many social and religious events are organized and celebrated in dharmashalas in Dadabadis all over India. People come and spend a lot of time there. They enjoy fresh oxygen exhelled by trees and plants as an additional benefit.

Dadabadis are natural safeguards against pollution.

Decorative and fruit trees
Kolkata Dadabadi

Jainism and Environment
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Darshan Kothari said...

Jainism is truly environment friendly. Doctrine of Ahimsa and Aparigraha is the true protector of Environment.